The latest and cutting-edge aquatonik swimming-pool in Bulgaria. It is divided into three temperature zones. It is equipped with 72 ultra powerful one- and two-routing jets. Thanks to the cutting-edge rotating heads, the massage is not concentrated into a single point but smoothly covers the whole body. This technology allows the performance of more effective tissue massage. The equipment has 4 water cannons that help you relax your muscles in the shoulder area in the most effective manner. 

The swimming-pool is equipped with counter-flow and technology thanks to which you could enjoy an even more intensive water massage. To the fans of extraordinary sensations we recommend underwater geyser with powerful condensed air that will caress you in thousands of bubbles. This attraction prepares your body for more intensive water massages.

All water volumes are lit by RGB LED projectors that help the performance of chromotherapy.
The warmest temperature zone is a Jacuzzi of innovative design. The high temperature helps your body relax as much as possible and the powerful massage nozzles would embrace you in a pearl wave.
Children’s swimming-pool with fun decorations is available nearby.
After your aquatonik adventure, we suggest you relax onto the anatomic heatable couches.


  • Swimming with counter-flow
  • Underwater geyser
  • Jacuzzi
  • Three temperature zones
  • Water massage
  • Chromotherapy
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