The Finnish sauna is the most widespread sauna type worldwide. It is the most frequently used in our country as well. Inside it the maintained air temperature is around 80 degrees whereas the air is frequently fragranced with mint or eucalyptus that help detox the respiratory tract. In the Finnish sauna we achieve exceptionally good results if our aim is detoxification since hot air causes abundant sweating and together with the sweat we excrete toxins as well. Sweating helps organism get stronger and rapidly eliminates the conditions of fatigue, cold or stiffness. The Finnish sauna could help alleviate pain, eliminate the accumulated tension and stress. One of the most frequent reasons for using the Finnish sauna is burning calories that results in weight and circumference losses. It is extremely suitable as and ending to a training session in the fitness.

  • Volcanic stones
  • Up to 90 degrees
  • Oak tree
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