Pulse Fitness & Spa

In Grand Hotel Bansko you could find a club of the best fitness chain in Bulgaria – Pulse Fitness&Spa. In it you will find all it takes for your active break and full-value training.

Cutting-edge facilities are at your disposal, with free or magazine weights, dumbbells, couches, benches etc. All of them are of the latest professional series Techno Gym and provide you with numerous opportunities for your dynamic and effective weightlifting training.

In the heavyweight zone latest generation facilities Techo Gym of their most luxurious series Element+ are at your disposal. The elegant and functional design and the convenient ergonomic bio seats contribute for better effect of the workouts as well as decrease the injury risk.

The cardio zone offers facilities of the professional series Techno Gym,– cross training facilities, steppers, rowing simulators, stationary bicycles etc. The facilities were produced especially for Pulse and are unmatched in Europe.

The stretching zone provides excellent opportunities and the best way of improving the elasticity and restoring the skeletal muscles. The stretching exercises have numerous positive effects for the body and promote muscle balance, relaxation, recovery, growth.

The protein bar in Pulse Bansko is more than excellently stocked up. Here you could support yourselves with a protein shake after the exhaustive workout. Weight loss, muscle mass, strength or stamina – here you will find special foods and dietary supplements by the most renowned and globally established producers.

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Cardio Zone


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Personal Trainer

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Protein Bar


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