Spa treatments

Relax your body and mind in the magical hands of our international therapists.

If you would like to relax, say “Goodbye” to stress and tension and take care after your body and spirit, make yourselves the gift of the magnificent experience with the team of Victoria spa.

Victoria Spa, being a part of the only Asian SPA chain in Bulgaria, consists of a team of experienced international therapists from the island of Bali, the Philippines and Thailand. They will make you travel to the exotic world of the Far East and will make you forget even for a while the problems of the hectic everyday life with the help of special massage techniques and SPA procedures.

Make your spa holiday a beneficial and unforgettable one with the abundance of spa procedures, therapies and massages from all over the world. Irrespective of whether you prefer a light or strong massage, whether you have a problematic stiff zone or would just like to relax, the therapists of Victoria Spa would work wonders for you!

Traditional massages, Therapeutic massages, Exotic peelings, Reflexology, Procedures in Turkish bath, Sports massages, Special massages after skiing, Anti-cellulite procedures, Modelling therapies for weight loss, Massage rituals for two, Facial procedures/masks, Epilation.